The tmux quickfix plugin: Make mode feature

Make mode is the new feature came in this plugin on commit a96ed3c84c.
It’s an extension of the previous features, but is also built on two main components:

  1. Project: it represents the target dir on which we can execute commands; to make this variable available on the system, it has been registered in the metadata environment (defined locally for each session) as @quickfix-project

  2. Make command: as described for the project variable, this is just the command to be executed on project target dir. It is defined as @quickfix-make and users can change its value according to the kind of project they’re working on.

This is a new mode of work and as usual, metatada are setted up and queried on every new execution.
Modifying these values:

tmux set-option @quickfix-project "/target/dir/"


tmux set-option @quickfix-make "make command"

users can obtain the desidered behaviour related to the category of their project. </br> An example is show by the following video.


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