Past is Read Only

One day (not too far from today) a friend of mine said that “Past is Read Only”. I initially didn’t understand what he meant, but after a while it was clear: you can see it, you can touch it, you can write or draw something on it like a photograph, but you can’t change it. This is a simple concept…you can “See the past”. Let’s do an example: the light that come from the moon spend just more than one second to come here, so when you look at the moon, you actually see how it was just about one second ago. So, imagine to expand this scenario: the light that come from the stars can spend thousand of years to come to us, so, if we could see THAT star now, actually we would see how it was thousand of years ago…it seems like a good film..you can appreciate, comment it…you can create alternatives (happy) endings, but the true is that is read only, just like the past. This seems like an obvious concept and we were not drunk (just for today), but the message is that the best thing we can do in our life is to read our past, smile when we are in front of it, and look at the future, becouse we can only write it, we are the Author of our destiny.

So just thank you Andrew.