About me

What I do

I currenty work @Red Hat and I mainly contribute to Openstack project.
My main area of interest is related to system programming, I love working in C/Go/Python and I’m linux (Gentoo/Archlinux) enthusiast since I was a student.

A bit about me

I am an engineer based in Italy/Sicily, land of good hopes, good food and good people.
I love travel and spend my free time with my family…and today, the biggest and difficult challenge of my life is to be a good father.
…And what else? I’m Open Source enthusiast, I like following the last news about the main open source projects.
Passionate philosophy student, I enjoy reading and discovering new states of mind related to the thought of ancient philosophers.

Contact me

Find me on Github / Twitter or just send me a ping at fmount9 at inventati org using GPG